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Welcome to Catch-22! If you're new and looking to find out what we're all about, you're in the right place. All of the need-to-knows are right here in this board, so be sure to give them a read before you register. Things like our plot, setting, rules, and even a helpful guide to get you started can be found inside. Check 'em out!
by Fawnshy / Oct 2, 2017 22:07:55 GMT
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Have questions? Need some help? Staff members are here to lend you a hand. If you've read through all of the required information and find you're still unsure about some things, stop by and shoot us some questions over at the help desk thread. You're also more than welcome to leave us some feedback or suggestions! Any manner of assistance from staff will be given here.
by Kitten4u / Apr 6, 2018 5:43:19 GMT
BREAKING: Law enforcement received reports of multiple shoplifting attempts at local stores over the past few days. Members of the DPD remain on the lookout for any suspicious activity.
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Jan 23, 2018 2:02:49 GMT
Events, news, and announcements can be found in this board. Keep track of the goings-on by checking up to see what's new here at Catch-22. Activity checks in particular are important to keep an eye out for, and every now and again we like to have in character events and fun things like that - don't miss out!
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Character Creation

Once you've read through the mandatory information and gotten an idea of what we're about here, you're ready to make your character! The character application, as well as face/canon claims, occupations, custom groups, and other important things can be found here. You shouldn't have any trouble at all settling in if you follow the instructions found on the threads inside.
by khrilocke / Apr 1, 2018 17:40:17 GMT
All accepted applications will be moved to this board and sorted into their respective sub boards. Inactive applications will be removed accordingly, so all of the characters found here are currently active members of the site. If you'd like to get an idea of the characters roaming around the universe, go ahead and take a look at its citizens!
by aeolian / Mar 4, 2018 20:50:58 GMT
Get your character involved! This board focuses on character relations. Focus on getting some interesting plots going with other characters or, if you're looking to create a character, check out the wanted ads! You can also just have some fun character interactions in the texting & messages board. Open threads can be found inside, as well. Take a look at the threads posted here or go ahead and create your own.
by khrilocke / Apr 1, 2018 18:09:43 GMT
From thread trackers to journals, anything pertaining to character development will go here. If you have a playlist, moodboard or anything to that end for your character, this is the place to share it. Your imagination is the limit as far as what you're allowed to post, so long as it has something to do with your character.
by Zachary Daws / Feb 3, 2018 19:04:50 GMT

Now Entering Detroit

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At its heart, downtown Detroit is a sea of high-rising skyscrapers, alleyways and unique shops, creating a maze-like world of industrial sights and sounds. Streets are crowded with people hustling from place to place, with the occasional beggar hoping to catch your attention. Quite frequently however, you will hear the sound of sirens, gunshots, and drunken shouts. You must exact caution in the city; there's no telling who—or what—may be around the block.
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by Solomon Nouvel / Apr 16, 2018 6:41:21 GMT
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When the night clubs and liquor stores aren't quite cutting it, this is often the place where the forgotten go to forget. While it boasts its typical paraphernalia—streets lined with numerous adult-oriented attractions and illuminated with a tantalizing shade of crimson—the red-light district is utterly fraught with questionable practices, and numerous crimes make themselves at home here.
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by Tristan (Tragguest) / Apr 13, 2018 15:52:14 GMT
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A place most families and friends call home, the suburbs make up a large majority of Detroit residence. Streets are lined with similarly-structured homes, well tended lawns, and trees as tall as their street lamp companions. However, conditions vary from neighborhood to neighborhood, with some in a much better, clean-handed state than others; the rest have been left to rot completely. It has left room for plenty of ransacking and gang activity, though these crimes are not always unique to abandoned homes. No matter where you decide to go a-knockin', tread lightly... Accidents can happen to anyone.
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by Eve Voclain / Apr 2, 2018 0:36:37 GMT
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If you're looking to decompress a little, many will recommend a nice walk by the riverfront. Edged with cool, crisp water, a refreshing oceanic breeze, and complimented by its various flags and fences, this is often an area that folks like to stop on their city excursions. Whether you're here to watch the various cruise lines traverse the waters, or you're just looking for a good place to sit and ponder, this is a popular spot that sees just as much attention as any block in the city. However, neighboring with the downtown area puts it at slight risk for certain unpleasant encounters; maybe it's best to come here during the day.
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by Alicia Johnson / Apr 10, 2018 15:29:24 GMT
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The further you travel from the city limits, the more dismal your surroundings will become. Buildings will start to look worse for the wear, windows shattered and streets cracked and overgrown with weeds. Graffiti is smeared and stained on every other wall, areas that were once fenced off now completely free for anyone to wander in. Certain areas are patrolled by law enforcement, though this hasn't stopped some people from trespassing. These are perfect spots for hideouts, thefts and other sorts of practices, but the odd urban explorer has been known to brave the remnants of Detroit's stained history. That said, many who do have described frightening experiences a little more... Unorthodox than most.
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by Tristan (Tragguest) / Apr 14, 2018 21:14:09 GMT
Looking for a change of scenery, huh? Where you go is up to you, whether it's to a neighboring city, a trip across the border, or even crackin' it up in a completely different universe. Anything that isn't pertaining Detroit in its current state is found here, though keep in mind, the rules of the site still apply!
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The Community Center

For any and all things out of character, this is should be your first stop. If you have anything you'd like to convey to Catch-22's member base, this is the place to do it. Introductions, absence notices, games and more can be found here. Mingle with your fellow members or partake in a few games - the choice is yours! You can get extra cash for participating in the occasional official thread, too, so keep an eye out. Have fun!
by cae / Mar 7, 2018 5:12:29 GMT
We're all about sharing and supporting the works of our community, so if you're a creator of any kind - artist, writer, coder - we invite you to display your talent! Drawings, written drabbles, templates and anything else that you feel might fit into the category of creativity is welcome here.
by Ghost / Mar 19, 2018 17:22:49 GMT
Looking to connect with Catch-22? This is the place to do it! Whether you're dropping off an advertisement or you'd like to affiliate, we welcome visitors of all sorts to network with us.
by Oniwanbashu / Jul 19, 2018 5:06:38 GMT
For all of the threads that have either been concluded or no longer have any use, the Archives board is home to all of Catch-22's outdated threads. Closed threads, dead threads, or inactive OOC threads can be found here. This encompasses role play threads, applications and anything else of the like.
by Makoto Toyotomi / Mar 12, 2018 14:15:39 GMT

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